What is Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy?

Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle form of hand-on therapy working holistically with the body using light touch. The treatment supports the body’s innate ability to balance, restore and heal itself, as well as helping to reduce stress and build underlying energy & vitality. The body responds to this sensitive touch by starting to listen to itself.

Often people will feel like they have been heard and received from a depth unknown to them. Here are some of the words and phrases that people have used to describe their experience of Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy: ‘comforting, inner peace, like being in a warm bath, a sense of relief, a deep stillness and relaxation, feeling of connection, feeling more in my body, more alive, put back in one place, feeling whole again’.

At the core of Craniosacral biodynamics lies the principle of ‘The Breath of Life’ which can be described as the conveyor of a universal Intelligence. The Breath of Life generates the universal forces that underpin the genesis of all forms.  All of life is maintained by its creative intention & expression. At such, the Breath of Life also governs our health and orchestrates the inherent healing intention & potency it generates in the human system. The therapeutic presence of the practitioner is key to consciously bear witness of the emergence of the healing intention in the client’s system.

Who is it for?

Because it is so gentle and non-invasive, biodynamic craniosacral therapy is suitable for everyone from new born to the elderly.

People may choose craniosacral sessions for very different reasons or motivations:

  1. to help alleviate specific physical complaints or psycho-emotional conditions such as:
    • Chronic or acute pain: back, shoulder, headaches, limb, organ
    • Stress, burn-out, anxiety, hypersensitivity, PTSD
    • Recurring pains or emotions after accident, injury, trauma, relationship wound
  1. to receive complementary support & resource during significant life events:
    • Stressful life transitions: loss/mourning, divorce, relocation, high pressure job, exams, redundancy
    • Pregnancy support (before, during, after) for mum, dad & baby
    • Onset of significant illness*, hospitalisation (before & after) for self or a loved one.
  1. to enjoy the benefits of craniosacral for self-care or for personal/consciousness growth
    • Wellness & relaxation from resourcing – deepening meditative presence & access to ‘no mind’
    • Releasing womb/birth/early childhood/ancestral/past-life imprints & their unconscious protective patterns
    • Allowing emergence of new insights & life possibilities
    • Awakening inner joy & personal purpose (Heart & Mind)

*Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy is not intended to replace medical treatment, only to offer complementary support, please visit your doctor to address medical concerns & symptoms.

What happens in a session?

At the beginning of the session, we will first sit together and have a conversation to clarify the context and reason for the session, then most likely we will have a little meditative practice to access inner resources. Then we can start with the craniosacral session, which means that you will lie down on your back on a massage table, and be as comfortable as possible, full dressed & with blanket, pillow, cushion supporting you. In the session, I will place my hands at specific location of your body where I can listen to its rhythm, typically the feet, the head (cranium) & the sacrum (lower back) & then if needed I’ll move to any other specific location most beneficial for the healing to take place.

During the session, you have nothing to do, you may fall asleep and/or you may be aware of different sensations: tingling, cold, warm places, feeling of numbness or aliveness. You may also become aware of specific feeling tones or emotions: sadness, joy, anger, fear, excitement, you may also receive specific insights, as a direct realization to address your particular situation, all are welcome and can be integrated in the experience without any problems.

Typically, the treatment deepens further over a few sessions and you may notice some shift in yourself, breaking free from old constricted areas/patterns/conditioning and leaving you with a positive impact in various areas of your life.


  • First Session (2h includes intake): €135, then individual sessions (1.5h): €111
  • Committed ‘self-care journey’ of 3 sessions: €333
  • Committed ‘self-care journey’ of 5 sessions: €500

Get €10 discount on your next session when one of your friend books a session based on your recommendation.

Karine is registered with the Dutch Professional Association of Cranio Sacral Therapist (NCSV Nederlandse Cranio Sacraal Vereniging) & RBCZ (Register Beroepsbeofenaren Complementaire Zorg). Please check with your medical insurance for coverage: http://www.zorgwijzer.nl/vergoeding/craniosacraal-therapie