The purpose of meditation is to open up our life. For many of us, our life is like a closed blossom. Imagine a thousand petal lotus flower that is all wrapped in on itself and closed within the shell of its outer leaves. We may think that this closed flower is who we are and what our life is. However, there is a depth, there is a fullness, there is an unfathomable sweetness & beauty to our life that has yet to unfold. The purpose of our life is to allow the flower that is our human existence, our unique individuality, to open & unfold to its fullest extent leading to our fulfilment, happiness and a sense of connection with others. And then we can live in the world and be the person that we were meant to be, and everybody around us can smell the subtle fragrance & appreciate the beauty of our individual petals, the tender blossom and the outrageous life & that is us. (Reggie Ray)


Meditation with the body – on appointment

This ‘meditation with the body’ session will offer the opportunity to deepen within, with awareness and sense perception of our very intelligent body & lovingly welcome the expression of the life, the aliveness & consciousness unfolding.  The meditation class will be partially guided and in silence with specific practices to help us being present to this moment, grounded in a more embodied way, appreciating the inner movements in the forms of emotions, feelings, sensations, felt senses. Regular meditation practice teaches us how to listen to our soma (body) and how to witness, engage and process the path of our own life in a more conscious, confident & compassionate way.